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Photo Management System

  • Fully responsive.
  • Intuitive interface
  • Full management functionalities

Enhanced interface build on top of the photo management platform. Incorporate subscription, sales and pricing management and social media integration.

Include dynamic folder management with advanced UX and drag and drop functionality. Provide easy management single-page application.

Photo Management System
Asian Football Confederation (AFC)

  • Full administrative controls.
  • Clean interface, easy navigation
  • Support Embedded EXIF and IPTC
  • Usage and statistical reports.

Manages photographer's assignment with event keyword integration. Supports embedded EXIF and IPTC meta-data. Bulk uploads of full sized photos with embedded watermark.

Complete photos download control mechanism. Allowing the administrator to set the criteria for the press and media on which photos that can be downloaded / viewed.

Search by keywords, aperture, shutter speed, ISO, camera model and etc.

Club Licensing System (CLAS)
Asian Football Confederation (AFC)

  • Rolled out to
    AFC's 47 member associations
  • Clean, organized and responsive
  • Dashboard overview and statistics
  • 3 tier organization level

Developed base on FIFA initiatives. Allowing the Football confederation, federation and the clubs to manage and fulfil the club licensing criteria. It is designed for both development and for benchmarking of football clubs. Complete with notification mechanism so that all stakeholders acknowledged about the licensing status.

Ref: Official Launching of CLAS
Ref: CLAS Workshop
Ref: FIFA Club Licensing Initiative

Trade Claim Submission System
Wah Kong Corporation

  • Fully responsive application system
  • Trade agreement platform between various stakeholders
  • Complete notification system
    to all the stakeholders

Allow various stakeholders to collaborate and agreed upon marketing trade cooperation. Approvals of marketing projects by marketing partners with periodical claim reviews.

Complete with user roles and work-flow management.

Order Processing and Inventory Management
Exact Analytical

  • Fully responsive application system
  • Integrated user management between both system
  • Detail profit/lost analysis
  • Inventory flow detailing serial number.

Manages sales project with detailed profit/lost analysis chart. Includes document management system to manage all supporting documents.

Includes ISO competency reports and detailing projects that did not meet the competency requirements

Employee Database and Valuation System
Department of Irrigation and Drainage (JPS Malaysia)

  • Employee evaluation and
    decision system
  • Performance chart and skill matrix
  • Advance search and filtering system

Conducted 3 project phases for the employee valuation and management system. Main employee database system that serves various other internal systems.

Modules include complete service record history, competency valuation, departmental resource quota, complex search engine and etc.

Recycling with membership points system
Karun Hijau

  • Fully responsive website and back-end system
  • Dynamic and smart interface

Fully responsive website with membership points and reward redemption system.

Flexible points table calculation catering for various merchant and user categories.

Accreditation System
Asian Football Confederation (AFC)

  • Provide complex access controls
    in the event venue.
  • Allow flexibility for any event types.
  • Allow administrator to manage and
    control user access levels.
  • Integrate with any designs
    and fulfil sponsorship requirements.

The system is used to manage complex accreditation and access controls process for AFC.

The system supports zoning, venues and categories controls and had been used on all AFC events including Asian Cup 2007 (Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam), 2011 (Qatar) and 2015 (Australia)

Various Responsive Websites

There is NO doubt that Responsive Web Design is very important for today's webdesign point of view. Smartphone and tablet adoption rapidly increases, so does the importance of mobile-friendly websites.

Our responsive websites are very flexible and fluid to maximize user experience throughout various platform and devices. Our cost effective design allows easy manageability and can be fully integrate with social media and marketing strategies.