About VSS
It's not the company that makes a successful product, its the skilled talent they hired.

Our Phylosophy

Our philosophy is unique as we strive to produce top quality applications using latest technologies and techniques. We work closely with our clients and with our technological knowledge, we are ready to synthesize our ideas and produce the most efficient solution for your corporation's needs.

Our Motivation

Our motivation is to fully utilised our knowledge of today's technologies and development techniques, and comes up with the best solution to resolve the complex problems of running a business efficiently. Satisfying our customers is always a great motivation for us to be more creative and innovative in our solutions.

Our Latest Work

Our Superiority

Complete Solution Provider

Businesses large and small have become increasingly dependent on software business applications yet the success rate of development projects has stubbornly remained below 40%.

Unlike most other software providers out there, we focus on client's main objectives and their desired achievable. We work with clients very closely and performs overall business analyst and provide best solutions not only on the software itself but also the process and procedures that hovers around the applications.

This will greatly maximized the application adoption rate and increase its effectiveness.

Venz Framework

We have our own software framework that is build on top of Zend Framework. Our architecture foundation include the supports for:-

- Multi language support. Any software solutions that we build on top of our framework can be easily extended to support multiple languages.

- Full Dynamic HTML support. We include state of the art UI development to fully maximized user experience. We strongly believe in reducing user learning curves to improve user adoption of the solutions that we build.

- Fully Customizable Access Controls List (ACL). Our framework are ACL ready for ease in managing resources, roles and accessibility.

- Full Audit Compliance. Policies and procedure can be implemented easily with our framework. Activity and actions logs are easily traceable by administrators.

- Expandability. Our framework is easily expandable. We understood that there are no such thing as a completed application thus we make the framework easily expandable to meet the future's need.

- Security. Security is number one priority in our digitized world. We understands the need for a secure system while meeting the functionality of the system.

Industry Best

Our team members have very long history in developing web based application. We all have the same passion for the technologies and always like to explore ways on how these technologies can change our lives for the better.

We constantly push ourselves further and think outside of the box in order to have innovative ideas in meeting any challenges that comes our way.